About Club Embark

Your vacation is our business and we take it seriously.

Our multiple decades of experience in the holiday industry has reinforced our mission of giving our customers memorable holidaying experiences at reasonable price points.

The goal of Club Embark is simple – becoming the most trustworthy timeshare holidaying company by acquiring the highest member of families.

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Building long-lasting relations.

At Club Embark, we succeed every time our customers prefer to come back to us as a one-stop solution provider for their holidaying desires. We believe in maintaining a personal, yet non-intrusive approach in putting together and executing plans that can be followed through and ensures that you do not have to spend an unreasonable amount of time over the phone trying to coordinate and confirm constantly.

Lastly, we aspire to create an atmosphere that inspires warmth and comfort such that Embark becomes your go-to brand when you think holidays.

We want our customers to be absolutely at ease when it comes to the logistics and planning of their holidays. We are always at the forefront of all aspects of the experience.

Club Embark aims to break and create new benchmarks of delivering holiday experiences, with our customers as our guiding light.

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